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Zaev announces new Macedonian government

meta_mali SKOPJE – The leader of SDSM and mandatary, Zoran Zaev, who is forming a new government, this evening after the Central Board’s session had finished, announced the new cabinet, which has 15 ministers in various departments and several ministers without designated departments.

Zaev announced that Radmila Šekerinska will be Minister of Defence, Oliver Spasovski will be Interior Minister, Dragan Tedovski will be Minister of Finances, Nikola Dimitrov will become Minister of Foreign Affairs, Renata Deskovska – Minister of Education and Science, Ljupco Nikolovski – Minister of Agriculture, Mila Carovska – Minister of Labour and Social Policy , Robert Alagozovski – Minister of Culture, Damjan Manchevski – Minister of Information Society and Administration and Goran Sugarevski will be Minister for Transport and Communications.

In the new government, Ministers without departments are Robert Popovski, Koco Angjusev and Zoran Sapuric.
Zaev stated that as mandatary, this evening he will submit the work program of the new government and the proposal for the governments cabinet to the Parliaments Archive.

Although Besa is not part of the new government, they agreed on cooperation on reforms and major projects,

The SDSM leader said that he would approach the Special Prosecutor’s Office (SPO) and the Public Prosecution (OJO) to see if anyone in his cabinet is under investigation.

“In the future, if anyone is under investigation or has an indictment, they will not be part of the new government. The law must apply equally to everyone. Politicians who received honour and responsibility have to be an example of that”, stressed Zaev.

The President of SDSM also said that he has selected the personnel for the Albanian Alliance, however, he said he would let them announce the personnel after their leadership meeting tonight.

According to Zaev, the new government has the capacity for a four year mandate.

“The duration of the government depends on honesty, openness, success, transparency and above all, it depends on whether we bring back life to Macedonia for everyone. I am convinced that the structure of the new government, the capacity and credibility gives us huge chances to implement reforms and will be of serious service to the people. I expect solutions from the new ministers, I don’t intend to be a minister for everything, like some of my predecessors”, said Zaev.

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