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Zaev: Macedonia has matured for new way of doing politics

Zoran Zaev; Photo: Meta

meta_maliSKOPJE – The eyes of the democratic world are on us. I seek support, so we can together take a step into the European family, said the Prime Minister-designate, Zoran Zaev Tuesday in the Parliament of the Republic of Macedonia while addressing not just MPs, but also citizens and experts in the country. He also addressed ministers, telling them to propose solutions and not just to sit and listen to the prime minister, Meta reports.

In his 20 minute explanation of the government’s program, Zaev said that the program itself will be pro reform and will bring life to Macedonia and for everyone.

“The new pro reform government will build three key foundations: It will be dedicated to the economy and life for everyone. It will be dedicated to strong professional institutions and justice for all. It will be dedicated to the European Union and NATO and prospects for everyone”, promised Zaev.

He also promised that the pro reform government will commit itself to fulfilling all the recommendations of the Priebe Report.

“We will provide stability for the people and the country. Our goal is to start negotiations with the EU as soon as possible, and also NATO membership. Our goal is the average rate of economic growth to increase higher than 5% during the period of our mandate”, said Zaev.

The SDSM leader said that political parties must stop interfering with the state and he called for the building of an effective and fair system.

The Prime Minister-designate said a special department within the Basic Court 1 will be established, whose jurisdiction will cover the cases led by the Special Prosecutor’s Office and will provide mechanisms for control over the wiretapped communications.

The Prime Minister-designate promised that the government will ensure the appropriate use of languages of the communities, “which will allow citizens to exercise their constitutional rights easier and more effectively, without endangering the Macedonian language in any way.”

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