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Albanian vetting process: Ad hoc Committee holds hearing session

Albanian National Assembly, Tirana; Photo: WikiCommons / Pudelek

TIRANA – The 12-member Albanian Ad hoc Committee convened on Tuesday at the Assembly Presidency premises to hold hearing session with the candidates for the Independent Qualification Committee and Public Commissioners in the framework of the vetting law, ATA reports.

The Ad hoc Committee is composed by members of the ruling majority and the opposition (6-6) and is headed by the Socialist Party MP Pandeli Majko and Oerd Bylykbashi (vice-chairman) from the Democratic Party.

According to the Vetting law, the Independent Qualification Committee will make an evaluation of all the judges and prosecutors, irrespective of their level and jurisdiction. It will have a limited five-year mandate. Its members will be lawyers with at least an experience of 15 years like judges, prosecutors, or professors of constitutional right, but even high-profile figures.

The subject of re-evaluation or the public commissioner can complain against the Committee’s decisions. The complaint will be examined by the Special Qualification College at the Constitutional Court.

All re-evaluation process will be carried out under supervision of the international observers aiming at building reliability to the process. They will have access to the files of judges and prosecutors and will monitor all the decision-making process through assisting the process in all the levels.

While aiming at guaranteeing the process and prevention of corruption within the Committee and the College of Appeal, its members will have a special treatment for themselves and their families. The state will also guarantee a special protection to them.

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