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Local elections in Kosovo to be held on October 22

Kosovo Elections; Photo: Tanjug/Edib Tahirović

PRISTINA – President of Kosovo Hashim Thaçi scheduled the date October 22, 2017 for the holding of the local elections, President’s Office stated.

“Pursuant to Article 4 of Law No. 03/L-072 on the Local Elections, Article 6 of Law No. 03/L-094 on the President of the Republic of Kosovo, after consultation with the political parties, President Thaçi has taken the decision that the elections for the local self-government bodies will be held on October 22, 2017”, the statement reads.

It is stated that Thaçi instructed the Central Election Commission to undertake all the necessary actions for the organization and holding of the local elections, in accordance with his decision and the legislation in force.

Earlier Wednesday, Thaçi held a consultative meeting with representatives of political parties and the Central Election Commission for setting the date of regular elections for local self-government bodies.

He said that they are within legal deadlines to act on setting the date of local elections, considering that last local elections were held on 3 November 2013, while the certification of the final election results by the Central Election Commission for members of municipal assemblies and the majority of mayors was made on 11 December 2013.

Majority of the political party representatives suggested that the date of local elections be scheduled on 22 October.

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