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Roughly 96,7% of ballot boxes counted in Albania, SP won 48,31% of votes

Albanian National Assembly, Tirana; Photo: WikiCommons / Pudelek

TIRANA – On the national scale with as many as 5185 ballot boxes counted (96,7%) out of 5362 in total, the Albanian Socialist Party is in the lead with 48,31% of votes or translated in mandates, 74 seats in the parliament, ATA reports.
According to preliminary election results published by Central Election Commission until 12:30, the SP has insured 736.880 votes or 48,31 percent, DP 440.541 votes or 28,88 percent.

The third -ranking party is SMI with 219.130 votes or 14,37 percent followed by PJIU with 71.837 votes or 4,71 percent, SDP 14.524 votes or 0,95 percent.

On the national scale, according to these records, the SP has won 74 mandates, DP 43 mandates, SMI has won 19 mandates, PJIU has insured 3 mandates and SDP 1 mandate.

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