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Macedonian Government is asking to extended "crisis situation" until end of 2017

Migrants and refugees in Roszke, Hungary; Photo:Tanjug/AP Photo/Marko Drobnjakovic

SKOPJE – Macedonian Parliament at a plenary session Thursday should vote on the government’s proposal to continue the crisis situation, which was introduced in August, 2015, due to the migrant crisis and the large transit of migrants and refugees across the country, Meta reports.

On June 30th, the validity of the decision to prolong the crisis situation, which was adopted in October last year, expires, and the new proposal calls for its extension until December 31st, 2017.

The crisis situation due to the migrant crisis was introduced in late August last year, when tens of thousands of migrants from areas affected by wars in the Middle East and North Africa transited through the territory of the country on their way to Western European countries.

At the request of the Government, Parliament has repeatedly extended the duration of the crisis situation.

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