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Zaev presents the 3-6-9 plan: Fast reform package for a recommendation and negotiations with the EU

New Macedonian government of Zoran Zaev takes an oath; Photo: AP Photo / Boris Grdanoski

SKOPJE – Macedonia is making a breakthrough in its Euro-Atlantic aspirations through open transparent inclusiveness from all interested sides, stated Prime Minister Zoran Zaev, while presenting his reform plan called “3-6-9”.

He pointed out that the numbers in the name represent points in time when reforms should be implemented.

In the first three months, until the local elections, to ensure the removal of the conditional recommendation for the start of negotiations by the European Council. In six months, which is December, to strengthen the perception of the Council of Europe, that Macedonia is a serious candidate for EU membership. In nine months, we should aim at talking to member states regarding the beginning of negotiations with Macedonia”, said Zaev.

He stressed that the new reforms should provide a democratic parliament, which will reforms the judiciary, safety of structures, ensuring cohabitation with the president, reforms in the media and cooperation with the civil sector, therefore, ensuring a continued transparency and inclusiveness.

The Prime Minister pointed out the need for cooperation from the opposition, who should simultaneously be monitoring and correcting the plan.

In the reform plan, there will be reforms in public administration and the judiciary.

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