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Zaev: Agreement with Bulgaria is about two states, two nations and two languages

New Macedonian government of Zoran Zaev takes an oath; Photo: AP Photo / Boris Grdanoski

SKOPJE – The agreement is a basis for a good neighborly relations and friendship, the two countries will work in the future on a mutual success and it will be good for the national interests of Republic of Macedonia, said Prime Minister Zoran Zaev after the end of the closed session of the parliamentary Commission for foreign policy, during which he presented the draft-agreement for good neighborly relations with Bulgaria.

“With the agreement, the government is once again affirming the distinction of the Macedonian nation, the Macedonian language and the Macedonian identity. In the agreement, there is no dilemma whether it’s about two states, two nations, and two languages. With the agreement, new perspectives for collaboration between the neighbors are opening up and with it, the process of integration in the European Union and NATO is speeding up. An agreement such as this one are rare without the mediation of the great powers” – said Zaev, who expects this agreement to be signed by the 1st of August.

Zaev also said that the meeting presented an opportunity for him and his advisors to receive suggestions from the government and the opposition in the parliament regarding the document and has also said that until it is signed all options remain open.

The Agreement, as he said, will help in the connection of the travel and gas infrastructure between Macedonia and Bulgaria, the trade of goods, services, and capital will be improved, a strong impulse will be given for the building of the Corridor 8 for which at the summit in Trieste Macedonia has received a grant in the amount of 70 millions of euros, and there will be customs and border alleviations. The current border passings will be renewed and the Macedonian government will look for a new border passing near Berovo.

“Together we shall prevent the malicious propaganda in both countries, together we shall stand against the hate speech and together we shall defeat nationalism. The Republic of Bulgaria strongly supports the entrance of the Republic of Macedonia in the EU and NATO, without conditioning us with solving the name dispute. It will pass all of its experiences with the EU integrations especially with the part of collecting the assets” – said Zaev.

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