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49 pct of Serbians support EU accession – survey

Serbian flag; Photo: Tanjug / Sava Radovanović

BELGRADE – If a referendum with the question of whether they supported Serbia’s EU accession were to be held tomorrow, 49 pct of Serbian citizens would vote in favour of membership in the Union, a survey shows.

The survey European Orientation of Serbian Citizens, conducted late last month by the Ministry of European Integration, shows that 27 pct of participants would vote against EU accession and that 13 pct would not vote at all, while 11 pct had no answer.

The results of the survey, which involved 1,064 people aged over 18, indicates a very high support for reforms, with 66 pct of respondents saying the reforms required for Serbia to join the EU should be implemented also outside the country’s accession agenda, for the benefit of the citizens and in order to create a more orderly Serbia.

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