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Vujanovic: Full Parliament composition to overcome the crisis

Filip Vujanović

PODGORICA – The US Vice President Mike Pence’s visit is a message that the United States see the Western Balkans as a region they can preserve the partnership with. The region undoubtedly fosters the Western values, which is in Montenegro’s interest as well, said Montenegrin President Filip Vujanović.
As he said, by entering NATO, Montenegro demonstrated it in a very clear way.

“I am also convinced that this visit was a good message for the perspective of this region. The need for better mutual cooperation among the countries of the region was also emphasised, as well as the commitment to improving the cooperation,” Vujanović said in Pluzine.

Asked whether he would initiate resolving the political crisis in Montenegro, Vujanović said that Pence’s remarks showed that he sees Montenegro as the leader of stability in the region, and pointed out that Pence also suggested that there was the need for civic opposition to return to Parliament and to fulfil expectations of their voters within the assembly.

“It was a very clear message. I believe that it will be carefully analysed,” said Vujanović.

Vujanović said that he believes that the crisis should be overcome within the Parliament.

“Parliament Speaker Ivan Brajović and Prime Minister Duško Marković often send a clear message that the crisis will be overcome only through the functioning of a full parliamentary assembly,” Vujanović said.

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