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Tahiri: Serbia cannot ask for reconciliation without apology

Edita Tahiri; Photo: Office of the Prime Minister of Kosovo

PRISTINA – Outgoing Minister for Dialogue of Kosovo Edita Tahiri says she is questioning the seriousness regarding the initiative of Serbian President Aleksandar Vučić on internal dialogue about Kosovo.

Tahiri for Kallxo.com explained that she already sees some shortcomings of the internal dialogue.

“What I saw so far is that neither the Serbian President nor the Minister of Foreign Affairs is mentioning the war, genocide and forgiveness”, Tahiri said.

They, she added, are trying to put relations between Kosovo and Serbia out of the context of war and genocide, which, she claims, Serbia committed in Kosovo.

“Unless Serbia takes into consideration that factor, it is not in a position to have the internal dialogue which could lead to a permanent solution”, believes Tahiri.

Minister is convinced that with the idea of internal dialogue, Serbia is trying to create a new image, while at the same time is announcing that it will accept weapons from its main political ally – Russia.

“This is worrying, not just for Kosovo but for the entire region, and it clearly suggests that Serbia, with Russian weapons, cannot be the factor of peace and stability”, said Tahiri.

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