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Gabriel: Implementation of reforms important for Macedonia

Sigmar Gabriel; Photo: European Parliament

BERLIN – The Macedonian government has made an impressive start by setting among its priorities the issues with its neighbors, to the ambitious reformatory projects and their positive steps, said the Germany’s Minister of Foreign Affairs, Sigmar Gabriel during today’s meeting with the Head of the Macedonian diplomacy, Nikola Dimitrov in Berlin, states the announcement issued by the German MFA.

Gabriel has stressed that ”what is important is that the announced reforms are being implemented and the reformatory processes in Macedonia are getting intensified” and that only this way Macedonia can advance on its way towards the Euro-Atlantic integration.

“Also, I would like to send a plea to the current opposition not to block the new government’s good start and not to refuse to cooperate constructively with it since all of that will not be on the account of the country’s European perspective but the country’s citizens’ as well, who are hoping for a tangible advancement and the improvement of the quality of their lives” – said Gabriel.

He has stressed that Germany is supporting Macedonia’s Euro-Atlantic perspective, but that the reforms have to be implemented since there are no appeasements during the process of joining NATO and EU.

“Germany supports Macedonia’s Euro-Atlantic perspective – including other countries from the Western Balkans. We do this politically, but also practically, by providing advice and actions. This spring I began an initiative for a new instigation within the framework of the Berlin process, that dates since 2014. I am pleased that during the summit for the Western Balkans, that occurred in Trieste this July, the first proposals were approved. Together with our partners in the European Union, we are working on to intensify our support. AT the same time, there will be no appeasements during the accession process. The reforms have to be implemented” – said Gabriel.

As the press release states, he has congratulated Dimitrov and Prime Minister Zaev the first 100 days in office.

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