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Eurobarometer: Macedonian citizens don’t trust the judiciary, the police and the political parties

Macedonian Parliament; Photo: WikiCommons/Stefan Didam

SKOPJE – Macedonian citizens have the least confidence in the judiciary system, the police, the public administration, the government, the parliament and the political parties, show the latest polls conducted by “Eurobarometer.”

With over 50%, the citizens trust the army (51%) and the European Union (53%).

The research was conducted in May this year i.e. before the forming of the new government and was published last month. The polls refer to the citizens’ perception in the 28 countries – members of the EU and the five candidates for a membership – Macedonia, Serbia, Albania, Montenegro, and Turkey.

According to the Eurobarometer’s polls, only 23 % of the Macedonian citizens have declared that they have confidence in the judiciary, 70% have no confidence in it, and 7% have said that they didn’t know. Similar percentages of trust i.e. the distrust in the judicial systems in their own countries, apart from Macedonia, were indicated in Bulgaria and Slovenia. The judiciary systems in Denmark and Finland enjoy the greatest confidence (88%), Netherlands and Austria (80%), and Sweden (78%).

According to the research, 34% of Macedonian citizens have their confidence in the police, 61% are distrustful towards it and 5% didn’t know. This is also the lowest percentage of confidence in the police out of all countries that were gathered in the research. The police in Denmark enjoys the greatest confidence among its citizens (93%).

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