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Belgrade-Pristina Dialogue

Opposition in Kosovo does not want to participate in Belgrade–Pristina dialogue

Kosovo Assembly; Photo: Kosovo Assembly

PRISTINA – The two main opposition parties on Kosovo – Samoopredeljenje and the Democratic League of Kosovo, will not accept to be a part of a single group for dialogue with Belgrade because they see it as an attempt by President Hashim Thaçi to share responsibility for what follows, Ljajmi.net portal reported.

The opposition, as it is said, believes that Kosovo already has its own institutions, which should deal with this issue. If this dialogue does not end in the way it started, the result will not be at all pleasant for Pristina, quotes in the opposition.

Also, political analysts in Kosovo have sceptical look on the dialogue with Belgrade, which will lead Thaçi because of alleged violations of the agreements that have been signed so far. Namely, they think that the time has come for this dialogue to be led by a group of experts, the portal zeri.info reported.

Haradinaj’s government have agreed with the reform of this dialogue. The government even demands the European Union guarantee for the agreements reached.

“Prime Minister Haradinaj said that dialogue with Serbia has no alternative and that it should be reformed within the deadline. First, all the agreements reached so far must be fulfilled,” said Arber Vlahiu, a spokesman of the government of Kosovo.

Vlahiu recalled that Prime Minister Haradinaj announced the opening of an internal dialogue in a desire to better understand the attitude of citizens and not to have disagreements between them and political leaders.

“The dialogue with Serbia will not be endless, it must end with a concrete result and it should be structured to deal with basic issues for citizens and solve them. Finally, the EU must be the guarantor of an agreement between the parties in order to ensure the success” concludes Vlahiu.

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