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Demarcation done deal for Darmanović, impossible for Pacolli

Srđan Darmanović and Behgjet Pacolli; Photo: Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Kosovo

PODGORICA – Foreign Minister Srđan Darmanović said that the demarcation with Kosovo was a done deal for Montenegro.

Daramnović met the Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Foreign Affairs of Kosovo, Behgjet Pacolli on Tuesday.

“We understand the internal political processes in Kosovo. In this sense, we have nothing new to say. During the meeting, I expressed the stance that the Kosovo institutions will decide to ratify the agreement, since the borders that existed in the former SFRY were confirmed by two commissions. As before, we will show patience in the upcoming period, with the expectation that Kosovo institutions will have a normal democratic capacity and will end ratification in a reasonable period,” Darmanović said.

Commenting on this issue, Pacolli said that Kosovo authorities were aware of the signing a demarcation agreement, but that the difficulties Kosovo people face should be born in mind.

“Namely, we have quite tough composition of parliament and the ratification of this agreement is most likely impossible today. It must be the right day for that, the right time to meet again and shake hands with each other. We are just asking to go forward, not to make this issue something that will stop us from developing our relationship,” Pacolli said.

Darmanović said that relations between the two countries are very good and friendly, with the possibility of their further improvement.

According to him, special attention is dedicated to the topics of constitutional recognition of the Montenegrin national minority in Kosovo.

“We are confident that the issue will be solved in the Kosovo parliament soon,” the Montenegrin minister said.

The officials also discussed continuing cooperation in the economy area. They agreed that energy sector and tourism had a great potential for further cooperation. The dialogue between Pristina and Belgrade is also supported.

“We support a strong dialogue between Pristina and Belgrade. Every step forward in this direction leads to the stabilisation of our region,” said Darmanović.

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