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Bugajski: Joint arrangement for Podgorica and Belgrade impossible

Janusz Bugajski; Photo: 2BS Forum

PODGOICA – In order to demonstrate its readiness to join EU before it is predicted, Montenegro must close all chapters and convince its supporters in EU to propagate the earlier date of accession, said Janusz Bugajski for Pobjeda daily.

Commenting on the new EU strategy that predicts Serbia and Montenegro joining EU by 2025, Bugajski said that Serbia will face disputes over Kosovo and its partnership with Russia.

“Every country should join EU based on its own merits. Montenegro must demonstrate that, unlike Serbia, it does not have partners with alternatives to EU and NATO”, Bugajski said.

Putin sees Serbia as the main gateway to Balkans, and one of his main instruments is inciting nationalism.

“All countries with Serbian population are Moscow’s target, especially Montenegro, BiH and Kosovo. Kremlin wants to stop these countries on their path to EU and consolidate Serbia as a Russian partner”, Bugajski said.

He does not expected Moscow to abandon Montenegro after it has joined NATO.

“Bulgarian and Hungarian cases demonstrate that Russia does not give up. It will continue to test and destabilize countries such as Montenegro, and exert influence through business, political corruption or propaganda. Podgorica must be vigilant and cooperate with NATO”, Bugajski said.

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