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EC spokesman: Serbia to get detailed response

European Commission; Photo: European Union

BRUSSELS – The European Commission will provide a detailed response to questions about its position on Kosovo and Catalonia once it receives a letter the Serbian authorities plan to send, EC spokesman Alex Winterstein said.

The EU has dismissed accusations of double standards that followed its assessment that Kosovo and Catalonia were incomparable cases.

In the case of Spain, the EU followed the so-called Prodi Doctrine, under which it does not interfere in internal constitutional affairs of member states.

Also, a breakaway territory may leave an EU member state and then be let back into the EU only if it has gained independence in accordance with the constitution of the member state it left, a source told Tanjug.

As regards Kosovo, the EC cited the March 17, 2008 conclusions of the Council of Ministers of the EU, which described Kosovo as a sui generis case.

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