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[VIDEO] Žbogar: Political parties to carry out the elections without violence and threats

SKOPJE – The Ambassador of the European Union, Samuel Žbogar, addressed through a video recording regarding the local elections this Sunday and has called upon the citizens to
cast their votes and the political leaders and parties to carry out the elections without “threats and violence.”

Žbogar sent his message in Macedonian.

The local elections on the 15th of October is a chance for you the citizens to express your views regarding the direction that you municipalities should head in the future. We call upon the political leaders and members of parties to carry out the elections without issuing threats and violence. We remind of the importance of making a clear distinction between state and party activities, before, during and after the elections. We count on state institutions such as the police, the independent institutions such as the State Election Commission, and the civil society to fulfill their part of the responsibility for organizing democratic, free and fair elections. and in the end, each vote counts. We call upon all citizens to exercise their democratic right to vote and thus shape the future of their municipalities, said Žbogar in his speech.

Previously, the US Embassy in Macedonia issued a statement that the forthcoming local elections are important for the future of Macedonia as a prosperous, stable democracy, completely integrated into the Euro-Atlantic institutions and has called upon the citizens to come out to vote.

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