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First RYCO Open Call is launched

RYCO Open Call; Photo: Facebook / RYCO

TIRANA – First RYCO Open Call is launched. RYCO is seeking proposals of civil society organizations and secondary schools for supporting projects in the fields of promoting the reconciliation in the region of the Western Balkans by increasing youth mobility, cooperation and activism.

Through this PILOT Open Call for Proposals, RYCO is establishing itself as a leading regional initiative for supporting young people in the Western Balkan. RYCO wants to empower youth for setting the course to a better society in the Western Balkans and for ensuring further progress towards European integration of the region.

The exchange of experiences between young people from regional contracting parties will help to form new ideas for the future of the region, contribute to the better understanding of human rights, initiate intraregional exchange and cooperation, and help foster trust building between youth from different ethnic groups.

In piloting this regional Open Call, RYCO will provide necessary regional perspective and support a regional approach to continuous sector development in WB6. RYCO believes that only this is possible path to sustainable and peaceful development of the region.

The General Objective of this Call for Proposals is to contribute to the process of reconciliation in the region of the Western Balkans through increasing youth mobility, cooperation and activism.

For more information visit RYCO website.

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