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Dimitrov: Macedonia to take into consideration everyone’s interest over Kosovo’s UNESCO bid

Behgjet Pacolli and Nikola Dimitrov; Photo: Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Macedonia

SKOPJE – Macedonia will make a decision over Kosovo’s bid to join UNESCO, taking into consideration everyone’s interest, it was stated by Foreign Minister Nikola Dimitrov, speaking at a joint news conference Wednesday in Skopje, with his Kosovo counterpart Behgjet Pacolli.

Dimitrov, as it is reported, explained that decision will be based on the interests of Kosovo, Serbia, but also Macedonian interests, including the interests of the Albanian community.

“Macedonia is treating the issue with utmost carefulness, because the issue affects two of our neighbouring countries. Macedonia will not play a key role in the process. Once it comes up on the agenda, we will take into consideration the interest of our friends in Kosovo, the interest of our friends in Serbia, and we will make a decision in line with the interests of Macedonia that include the interests of our fellow countrymen, members of the Albanian community,” stressed Dimitrov.

According to him, all the countries in the Balkans should as soon as possible accept the persoective of having no sides, even when the most delicate matters are in question, because ‘one day we will be on the same side.’

Pacolli said that Macedonia’s membership into international organisations would also improve the quality of life of the citizens in Kosovo, noting that the process applied ‘the other way round.’

Furthermore, the two ministers at a meeting in Skopje agreed to hold joint government sessions with the first one scheduled to take place in early 2018.

Macedonia and Kosovo established diplomatic ties in 2009.

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