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Moscow’s meddling made EU enlargement a priority

European flags in front of EP Building in Strasbourg; Photo: European Union

PODGORICA – Russian meddling in Western Balkan affairs made the enlargement to South-eastern European countries a priority for the EU. There is no enlargement fatigue and the entre EU wishes Montenegro to become a member as soon as possible, European Parliament MP and former Slovenian foreign minister Ivo Vajgl said.

In an interview with Pobjeda, he also explained that there had to be an atmosphere of inclusion between the government and the opposition in Montenegro and that Parliament was the place to confront arguments.

The MEP participated in the International Conference of the Montenegrin Pan European Union, held in Podgorica on Saturday.

“The EU is interested in the stabilisation of the situation on the European continent and that cannot be achieved unless Southeast Europe becomes a part of the Union. When the process of integration is completed, mutual problems in the region will disappear, as well as the myths of the past that still govern Balkan politicians. In Montenegro, there have been no great structural problems. However, there are reasons for serious reform work. One of these reforms is the one in the media sphere, as well as in the sphere of the rule of law. You must work on fighting corruption, strengthening the judiciary, and more efficient administration. Further, the institutions that will provide safe environment for the citizens must be strengthened,” said Vajgl.

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