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Fajon on Montenegro: Still much work to be done by 2025

Tanja Fajon; Photo: European Parliament

PODGORICA – Montenegro is currently the most successful Western Balkan country in the process of joining the EU. However, there is still much work to be done by 2025, until Montenegro can become a member of the EU, MEP Tanja Fajon told CdM.

She claims that Montenegro must suppress corruption that is present at all levels and restore citizens’ hope for the rule of law. When it comes to the opposition, she advised them to return to Parliament because the boycott does not positively affect the European path of Montenegro.

Fajon says that a large number of open negotiating chapters and the lack of major political obstacles – such as the Kosovo’s issue in the case of Serbia – create the impression that reforms in Montenegro are taking place without difficulty.

Without that, she says, negotiating on various chapters, which are understood by the citizens as technical, in particular chapters 23 and 24, concerning the judiciary, fundamental rights and justice, are meaningless.

One thing is to adopt new laws, and the other one is to obey them de facto. Therefore, she said, a greater emphasis should be placed on the implementation of the adopted.

“However, what is the most common problem is the implementation of adopted rules and laws. Without respecting the law in practice, we cannot talk about any progress. And without real progress, primarily felt by citizens, we cannot talk about a successful enlargement policy. Therefore, the main goal is to transform society, eradicate corruption, which is present at all levels, and restore hope to citizens in the rule of law,” Fajon is clear.

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