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Kukan: Political conflicts to be settled in parliament, not in street

Eduard Kukan; Photo: European Union

BRUSSELS – Member of the European Parliament, Eduard Kukan, called for the rest of the Montenegrin opposition to return to the parliament. Commenting on their boycott, Kukan emphasized that boycotting the parliament never contributed to resolving the issues.

“If you want to confront your political opponents, you should do it in the parliament, not in the streets. There are people who voted for you and you are supposed to represent them. In that sense, I strongly condemn each parliament boycotting in any democratic society. My advice to Montenegrin MPs would be to return to their seats in the parliament”, stated Kukan in his interview for Pobjeda.

He considers Montenegro as a leader in the European integrations, which has been proved by its progress in the EU negotiations. Kukan told that the next significant task for Montenegro is to accelerate closing of the negotiating chapters.

Kukan also believes good news of Montenegro’s accession process should provide positive effect on all neighboring countries.

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