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Meta: We need to go extra mile to ensure accession negotiations with EU

Ilir Meta; Photo: Albanian Parliament

TIRANA – We need to go the extra mile to ensure we will not miss out on the opportunity for starting the accession negotiations with EU in June, said President of the Albania, Ilir Meta, in a televised interview.

He added that every effort needs to be made to ensure we will not miss out on this opportunity. The decision on the start of accession negotiations between Albania and EU. Otherwise, it would be a big loss of time, hope and discouragement of youths and intellectuals eager to stay here and help Albania become a European country.

Meta underlined the importance of all political parties coming to a consensus. It is a mutual responsibility, involving the government which always has the main responsibility. Undoubtedly, it is also the responsibility of opposition because it is the opposition of entire Albania which should always be in service of the country rather than merely reacting against the govt.

In some cases, the debates are necessary and do not have any repercussions for the country. When speaking about major issues as justice reform, which is about building important constitutional institutions and yielding positive results, it is the obligation of the parties to sit down and implement constitutional amendments approved by consensus.

Meta said this year is crucial for Albania, it is crucial for Macedonia and entire region either.

The President spoke about the recent visit to municipality of Pustec, pointing out that it was his desire to visit and congratulate them on year-end holidays and, above all, to reach out to them.

Another reason was the message that integration, appreciation and protection of minorities will be in our focus and I believe of entire state in the years to come because it is a demonstration of the European vision, Meta said.

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