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Šarkić: EU supports regatta principle

PODGORICA – In its strategy for Western Balkans’ accession, which is to be presented in February 2018, the European Union (EU) will support the regatta principle in the accession process, according to Montenegrin ambassador to the EU, Bojan Šarkic.

He reminded of the announcement from the president of the European Commission, (EC) Jean-Claude Juncker, related to the above-mentioned strategy, and thus emphasized Montenegro and Serbia as countries that achieved progress in the accession process.

“The strategy will definitely relate to the Western Balkans and the regatta principle will be supported,” Šarkic told to Mina news agency.

He considers Montenegro, being a small country, can easily implement reforms, compared to larger states. It terms of economy, Montenegro has no open issues towards the neighboring countries and the EU member states as well, according to Šarkic.

Commenting on the recent predictions about Montenegro’s accession to the EU (by 2025), Šarkic estimated that could happen even earlier, but numerous factors may affect Montenegro’s accession to the EU (reform processes in Montenegro, administration functioning, state bodies functioning- including parliament and continuous changes/reforms in the EU).

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