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Osmani-Kotzias: Historic chance to solve name dispute, so let’s not miss it

Bujar Osmani; Photo: Government of Macedonia

ATHENS – This year represents a historical chance for surpassing of the misunderstanding regarding the use of the name of our country, said the Vice Premier for European Affairs, Bujar Osmani during today’s meetings in Athens with the Head of the Greek diplomacy, Nikos Kotzias and the Vice Minister for Foreign Affairs for European Affairs and International Economic Relations with Greece, Jorgos Katrugalos in Athens.

“As politicians that have won the trust to lead their citizens, we have the obligation to show maturity and seriousness, and not to miss this opportunity,” said Osmani, states the press release from the meetings of his cabinet.

He also said that in Macedonia there is an “evident optimism for closing this issue” and has expressed hope that along with “the positive signals that are arriving on part of Greece, this issue will finally be surpassed.”

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