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Hoxha: Online monitoring of SAA implementation enhances transparency

Dhurata Hoxha; Photo: Ministry of European Integration of Kosovo

PRISTINA – The platform will improve transparency and accountability in implementing EU integration reforms, both within the Government and before other stakeholders, including the general public, stated Minister of European Integration of Kosovo Dhurata Hoxha.

She expressed her support to the activity of monitoring and reporting for key officials of institutions engaged in the integration process, supported by GIZ.

Following the successful conclusion of a two-day training, Minister Hoxha emphasised that the direct beneficiaries of this M&R training are: Ministry of European Integration, and all relevant institutions engaged in implementation of planning documents for EU integration.

“The Government of Kosovo will benefit from this database as it will allow the reflection of the status on implementing the National Plan for the Implementation of the SAA and access to filtered information, such as reporting institutions, sectors, type of measures and reporting periods. Furthermore, this platform will increase the transparency of the EU integration process, thereby allowing civil society, media and general public to access information on the current status of EU-related reforms,” she stated.

The platform will result in a more efficient EU related monitoring and reporting process, namely increases the overall inter-institutional coordination on EU related monitoring and reporting, and accelerates the reporting and communication process, thereby increasing efficiency and allowing human resources to concentrate and place stronger emphasis in quality reporting.

“The platform will improve transparency and accountability in terms of implementing EU integration reforms, both within the Government and toward other stakeholder, including the general public,” stated Hoxha.

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