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Nimetz: The term ‘Macedonia’ will be kept in the name

Ambassador Matthew Nimetz, Secretary-General’s Personal Envoy for the talks between Greece and The former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia and Greece (Photo UN /Devra Berkowitz)

NEW YORK – The proposed solution for the name will include the term “Macedonia”, said United Nations mediator Matthew Nimetz, before today’s new round of talks in New York with representatives from Macedonia and Greece, Vasko Naumovski and Adamantios Vasilakis.

“The term “Macedonia” will be kept in the proposal for the name dispute, as it has already been recognized by more than 100 countries in the world”, Nimetz told Greek TV “Antenna”.

He pointed out that the name with which the country is registered in the UN is “the former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia”, that is, the term Macedonia is part of the name, and Greece has recognized the country by that name.

Nimetz stressed that there will be no miraculous solution to the name, that the dispute lasted too long, and that any further delay would make the problem even more difficult to solve.

The UN mediator assesses that there is a positive mood in both Athens and Skopje to improve relations and strengthen the European dimensions of the region.

“I have some ideas that both parties should consider. I want to help by bringing their differences in attitudes closer. We know that the solution to this difficult dispute between two neighbors requires a dose of compromise from both sides, and I believe that this will be achieved in accordance with the dignity and national interests of both sides”, added Nimetz.

He will be holding a press conference in New York after the meetings with the delegations of the two countries at 12.30, local time.

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