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Kathimerini: Athens prefers Vardar Macedonia while Skopje prefers New Macedonia

Athens; Photo: Pixabay

ATHENS – According to well-informed sources, it is clear that during the last week’s meetings between Greek Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras with the Head do the Greek diplomacy Nikos Kotsias and the archbishop Jeronimos, Greece would prefer the use of the name “Republic of Vardar Macedonia” as part of the agreement for the name dispute, writes the Greek daily newspaper Kathimerini.

On the other hand, Macedonia, according to Kathimerini would prefer more to use the name Republic of New Macedonia.

Matthew Nimetz, the UN mediator in the name negotiations, said that on the table there are five proposals: Republic of Upper Macedonia, Republic of Nothern Macedonia, Republic of Macedonia (Skopje), Republic of New Macedonia and Republic of Vardar Macedonia.

This Wednesday, Macedonian Prime Minister Zoran Zaev will meet with his Greek colleague Alexis Tsipras at the World’s Economic Forum in Davos. At the meeting, the prime ministers will talk about the process of the talks about the name dispute.

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