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Rama: Albania – Serbia, together in EU

Edi Rama with Ana Brnabić; Photo: Tanjug / AP Photo / Hektor Pustina

TIRANA – We want to join the EU together on the assumption that Serbia will recognize Kosovo, Albanian PM Edi Rama said in an interview with a Serb media outlet.

Answering whether he expects that Serbia and Albania will join the EU together, PM Edi Rama said that this is a process based on merit.

“Serbia is ahead of us, while we look forward to starting the negotiations this year. Yet, it is a healthy race. Our ambition is to move faster, and why not be on an equal footing in the future and join the EU together on the assumption that Serbia will recognize Kosovo,” said Rama.

Rama added that Europe is not at its best, but the good news is that it has come to a moment of awareness about the need to get better. He went on describing it as a very uplifting period of transition from a gloomy past to a brighter future.

Asked whether Chancellor Angela Merkel delivered good speech, he said that she has always been encouraging.

“She is the one who strives to keep alive not only Europe but also the European values, principles and dreams, standing firm on her belief regardless of the tough times for Germany as the dramatic crisis of refugees,” he said.

As to the expectations about the visit of President Trump tomorrow and the day after, PM Rama said he was eager to listen to the US President.

“The EU and US are the main strategic allies of Albania, above all they are two key factors in the whole region. It is important for the US to continue playing a strategic role in our region just as it is for these countries to progress towards a better future,” Rama said.

Concerning the establishment of Kosovo Special Court, PM Rama called it an irreversible process.

“It is important to be open-minded towards what’s best and what needs to improve. So, I do not think that the idea and the court as such is at risk as long as there is a debate about improvement, which is something good for sure,” PM responded.

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