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Hoxha: Kosovo citizens expect to receive clear EU signals toward integration

Dhurata Hoxha; Photo: Ministry of European integration of Kosovo

VIENNA – The Minister of European Integration, Dhurata Hoxha, in the two-day international conference held in Vienna, dedicated to the Strategy on the future of Europe, organized under the auspices of the Prime Minister of Austria with the motto “Go West – Western Balkan”, has emphasised that European integration process remains one of key goals of the foreign policy of the Republic of Kosovo, along with continuation of democratic consolidation, improving rule of law, respecting human rights and establishing a functional market economy.

“I firmly believe that EU institutions will make the European perspective for our country, as well as for the entire region, a dynamic, concrete and attainable perspective” stated Minister Hoxha, adding that as far as Kosovo is concerned its path is clear, namely EU membership, believing that the European Union should focus its foreign policy on the enlargement process.

“EU’s enlargement policy should be considered as a mechanism for making the EU family fuller and more viable. Our expectations are that EU institutions will set a clear path for Kosovo, and other Western Balkan countries, toward the EU perspective. At this phase, I consider that unity is more important than ever before,” added  Hoha.

This process has many challenges and opportunities, stated Minister, pointing out that Kosovo and EU institutions should work together in overcoming challenges and making use of opportunities, reiterating Kosovo’s EU perspective as the only way forward for Kosovo.

“Allow me to emphasise the commitment of the Government of Kosovo to all processes related to the European Agenda, including increased dynamics in implementing the Stabilisation and Association Agreement, completion of the visa liberalisation process and enabling free travel of Kosovo citizens to European Union states”, said Minister Hoxha.

“Our expectations are that Kosovo will be ready, at the same time as Western Balkan countries, to join the EU. The EU perspective should be the same to all Western Balkans. Kosovo is not different from other countries, and enlargement plans should include Kosovo. Kosovo’s citizens hope to become part of the EU family. The only way for the region to become stable is to include all Western Balkan countries into a single enlargement package. Kosovo should not be isolated, or separated from other Western Balkan countries”, stated Minister Hoxha.

In this international conference, Minister Hoxha is attending in the capacity of panel member in the roundtables and workshop dedicated to the Strategy on the future of European Union and enlargement perspective for Western Balkan countries.

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