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Nimetz: Waiting is pointless, it is time to make decision

Ambassador Matthew Nimetz, Secretary-General’s Personal Envoy for the talks between Greece and The former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia and Greece (Photo UN /Devra Berkowitz)

ATHENS – There is a momentum, it is time for decision-making, stated the mediator in the name dispute, Matthew Nimetz after the meeting with Greece’s Minister of Foreign Affairs, Nikos Kotzias, reports the Macedonian Information Agency (MIA).

Nimetz stated that the meeting was constructive and said that the Head of the Greek diplomacy have talked about the ideas that the mediator has submitted 2 weeks ago, he has listened to the stances of the government and said that there is a will on both sides to reach an agreement.

“I think there is a momentum here. The waiting makes no sense here, it makes no sense for the northern neighbour, and generally it makes no sense at all. We are discussing this issue for the last 25 years and everyone knows the issue. It is time for making decisions,” said the UN’s mediator, without giving a precise deadline, stressing that there will be talks in the forthcoming weeks and the situation will have to be evaluated again.

Nimetz did not want to reveal his ideas and proposals. He pointed out that some of the ideas have leaked in the media, but stressed that he cannot publicly discuss that.

“Both of the governments can come up with their own ideas or I am hoping they will use some of mine. I never give definite ideas as I am a mediator and not a judge. I provide with ideas that I think are most useful in the moment,” said Nimetz.

Previously, he had a meeting with Giorgos Koumoutsakos who is in charge of foreign policy within the opposition party New Democracy, but after the meeting, no statements were given to the media.

Nimetz will arrive in Skopje from Athens on two-day talks with the Macedonian political leaders.

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