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Šoltes: Kosovo politicians are to make decision over border demarcation

Igor Šoltes; Photo: European Parliament

BRUSSELS – MEP Igor Šoltes, rapporteur for Kosovo in the European Parliament, considers that the forthcoming meeting between Montenegrin MP Duško Marković and Kosovo MP Ramush Haradinaj would represent an opportunity for making progress towards visa liberalization for citizens of Kosovo.

“Regardless of the events that had occurred, I believe things are relatively clear now: border demarcation with Montenegro represents one of the most significant prerequisites for visa liberalization for Kosovo citizens, along with fight against organized crime and corruption,” said Šoltes.

Asked who’s going to be responsible if border demarcation agreement would not be ratified, he said that’s a “rhetorical question”.

“That was agreed earlier and Kosovo accepted the deal. This issue was not imposed by the EU but the two countries had a joint plan which is to result in visa liberalization,” Šoltes told to Pobjeda.

Šoltes claims that relations between Kosovo and Montenegro are very good and demarcation maybe perceived as a challenge for Kosovo political scene.

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