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Mogherini: Albania has outstanding commitment to integration

Bushati and Mogherini; Photo: EEAS

BRUSSELS – We adopted the new strategy of the European Union on Western Balkans where we clearly underline EU accession perspective to the six of our Western Balkans partners which I would like to reiterate because Albania is clearly not only part but an extremely important part of this process, High Representative of European Commission, Federica Mogherini said on Tuesday.

The High Representative of the European Union Mogherini underlined that “Albania has displayed a remarkable determination, commitment and courage by the political leadership especially the Prime Minister and this government also noticed by the EU and member states,” in an interview for the Albanian Ora News following the strategy launch.

“I see determination, a lot of it. Never have I seen such determination in the region before in the path towards EU integration. Difficulties are there, political turmoil is always there. I have recently seen a dedication and commitment and I would say a unique vocation to integrate to EU and I think it is because the region is aware, people are aware that there is no better future than that of joining the EU,” Mogherini stressed.

The strategy we launched, Mogherini said, includes a period outlook to 2025 which is not a deadline, neither an objective nor a permanent time designated as everything depends on process quality and achieved results.

“However, it is clear the 2025 outlook is not merely to one or two countries neither is it to countries currently negotiating, but it is a prediction to all the countries to open negotiations in the upcoming months. I think it is very important to Albania and Albanians to know that this time outlook is to all,” Mogherini pointed out.

In addition, Mogherini said that there is determination and will to meet European standards in terms of economy, governance, rule of law, good neighbouring relations and I think that the regions leaders are responding to these needs and aspirations of their citizens.

Regarding the Vetting process, Mogherini said that Albania has gone through a courageous and positive judicial system reforms process.

Results are clear, underway and it has had a positive impact to the European Union as well as on Albanian citizens,” EU High Representative Mogherini said.

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