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Marković: Montenegro supports Kosovo’s EU and NATO bids

Duško Marković; Photo: Tanjug / Dragan Kujundžić

PRISTINA – At today’s joint press conference with his Kosovo’s counterpart Ramush Haradinaj, Prime Minister of Montenegro Duško Marković expressed satisfaction over the opportunity to once again confirm a strong friendship between Kosovo and Montenegro and the commitment of Montenegro to boosting good neighbourly and bilateral relations for the benefit of citizens of both countries.

“We have come to a friendly visit to a friendly neighbour. We want to support Kosovo on its path to European and Euro-Atlantic accession. Montenegro, as a member of NATO and the country that moved forward in the process of negotiations with the EU, wants to share its experience with you and contribute to faster European and Euro-Atlantic integration,” said Prime Minister Marković.

He emphasised that today’s meeting with Prime Minister Haradinaj also discussed ways to enrich the good interstate and neighbourly relations through developing economic cooperation.

“Both countries deserve to be more developed and their citizens to live better. Both Kosovo and Montenegro have undeniable development resources and we are ready to do everything to put our potentials in the function of development and the quality of life of our citizens,” the Prime Minister noted.


He thanked Prime Minister Haradinaj for his support and understanding of the position of the Montenegrin community in Kosovo:

“I believe that we will soon have a secured constitutional position of the Montenegrin community, but I would like to thank you in particular for adopting a strategy that enables a better and quicker reintegration of the Montenegrin community into the overall life of Kosovo. This strategy will also result in the adoption of the action plan that will enable the Montenegrin community in Kosovo to exercise their rights and contribute to the development of Kosovo and its overall social and social cohesion.”

At the end of his address, Prime Minister Markovic said that Montenegro has no problems with Kosovo, hopeful that outstanding issues will be resolved in a quality manner.

“We have some open issues. Today, we have also discussed these issues and I believe that we will find a high-quality answer to these issues in the spirit of our common interest, in the spirit of our friendship, in the spirit of the needs of citizens of both countries. I wish you all the best, I want Kosovo to experience overall and strong progress. I wish Kosovo rapid Euro-Atlantic integration. Montenegro is here to support these aspirations. I believe that all this will contribute to the overall development of our countries. It is an honor to be the first Prime Minister after the independence to visit your country.”

Kosovo’s Prime Minister Ramush Haradinaj thanked Prime Minister Marković for his visit, hopeful that the relations between Montenegro and Kosovo will set an example of good relations in the region.

“Today, the Government of Kosovo, me and the people of Kosovo, are honoured to witness the first visit of Prime Minister Duško Marković, the visit that is historical to us. It testifies to the fact that the peoples of Montenegro and Kosovo are not only neighbours, but also people who love each other and want to travel together on the European and Euro-Atlantic path. I am deeply convinced that the good relations, confirmed by this visit and all the developments that will happen between our countries in the coming period, will set a good example to others in the region,” Prime Minister Haradinaj concluded.

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