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​Government of Kosovo withdraws demarcation bill

PRISTINA – Government of Kosovo has withdrawn today a bill on the ratification of the demarcation agreement with Montenegro and announced that it will submit a new text to the parliament in the afternoon.

The proposal has been withdrawn in order to insert parts of a joint statement signed last week in Podgorica by President of Montenegro Filip Vujanović and President of Kosovo Hashim Thaçi.

The Kosovo government, which meets twice in the day, says it will be ready after the afternoon session to submit a new proposal to the parliament on demarcation, and that the next session of the Assembly could be held already on Wednesday or Thursday.

The members of the government from the Serbian List did not vote for the withdrawal of the law, while Haradinaj noted the significance of their presence at the session.

Radio Television of Kosovo reported that the Law on Demarcation can not be voted in parliament without the votes of the Serbian List.

Referring to the writing of Pristina’s Zeri, RTK reports that the ruling coalition does not have enough votes in the Assembly to pass a deal on demarcation with Montenegro, despite the fact that is is signed by Vujanović and Thaçi.

In order to pass the law, the ruling coalition needs 80 votes of the deputies.

The Serbian List stated that their priority was the establishment of the Community of Serb Municipalities, and not the issue of demarcation with Montenegro.

Pristina’s media argue that international representatives are trying to convince the Serbian List to vote for demarcation.

Although the end of the story of demarcation with Montenegro is announced this week, Pristina’s media say that there is no political consensus there.

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