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EU says is not seeking recognition of Kosovo by Belgrade

European Commission; Photo: European Union

BRUSSELS – Reacting to Serbian FM Ivica Dačić’s statement that a part of the international community “is lying to Belgrade” and “wants only a recognition (of Kosovo by Belgrade), not compromise,” diplomatic sources in the EU told Tanjug on Friday that “that is not how things work”, declining to comment on statements made by every individual politician.

“A recognition is not something that is a question for the EU. We insist that both sides work on normalisation, and within the EU itself, we have five member states that do not recognise Kosovo’s independence, including one that is explicitly against it,” the diplomatic sources said in Brussels.

“There is no paper that has been prepared in advance,” the souces said, adding that a solution for comprehensive normalisation of Belgrade-Pristina relations must be reached by mutual agreement between the two sides.

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