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No solution for border demarcation with Montenegro

Srđan Darmanović and Behgjet Pacolli; Photo: Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Kosovo

PRISTINA – At the yesterday’s session of the Parliament of Kosovo, Prime Minister Ramush Haradinaj said Kosovo still has no solution for border demarcation with Montenegro.

“Demarcation issue still pressures Kosovo. The government has done everything to resolve the issue. Now you have the new commission and new agreement on border demarcation with Montenegro signed by the heads of the two countries, Kosovo and Montenegro. Part of our coalition didn not vote in favor of the demarcation deal,“ Haradinaj stated.

To ratify the demarcation agreement, which was signed back in August 2015, the government needs two-third of all votes, 80 out of 120 MPs.

Lista Srpska has 10 seats in parliament and is against the agreement, as well as the main opposition Vetevendosje party, which has 32 seats.

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