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Žbogar: We expect Law on Languages to come into force and reforms to continue

Samuel Žbogar; Photo: Tanjug / Oksana Toskić

GOSTIVAR – EU Ambassador in Macedonia Samuel Žbogar said that the adoption of the Law on the Use of Languages will improve the relations between the communities and will bring the country back to the reform agenda.

On a journalist’s question, what is his comment regarding the fact that Ivanov did not sign the Decree on the Law, Žbogar answered “we expect the law to come into force and the country should focus on the reform agenda”.

He added that inter-ethnic relations in multiethnic societies should be constantly nurtured and built up, thus improving the climate of coexistence in a society. He also explained that in the EU is optimistic about the implementation of the law.

“I understand that the law on languages is important for the Albanians and they see it as the final step, which originates from the Ohrid Framework Agreement. This law is important to the Albanians because they will feel more appreciated and accepted in the society and the country itself”, Žbogar said.

According to him, in the case when the rights of the minority are improving, it should not interfere with the rights of the majority.

“I think that the majority should not feel that in any way its rights are jeopardized. I feel that there is such fear in the majority. The EU closely followed the adoption of the law on languages and we expect it to be sent to the Venice Commission, as it was stated in the 3-6-9 Plan. We hope that this law will begin with the implementation and full compliance with European standards and European positive practices. Certainly, we expect that the implementation will be respected by all in the society”, Žbogar added in a close dialogue.

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