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Bugajski: “A pro-Russian president would provoke chaos in Montenegro”

Janusz Bugajski; Photo: 2BS Forum

PODGORICA – A weak presidential figure may be subject to pressures of Moscow and, therefore, less determined to keep leading the country towards the pro-European and pro-NATO path. It is even more concerning if Montenegro is led by a president who is directly or indirectly influenced by the Kremlin, like some leaders of the opposing parties already are, the American analyst Janusz Bugajski says for “Pobjeda”.

The researcher of the Center for European Policy Analysis (CEPA) points out that, in this critical moment, Montenegro must have a reliable leader with well-established political leadership and significant experience in the work with international actors.

“The Kremlin does not want to see Montenegro stable and integrated into the EU, protected from its NATO allies. Its ultimate goal is to weaken and divide the country and turn it into the pledge of the Russian policy. Unfortunately, certain leaders of the opposition either naively play according to the scenario of the president Putin or they are susceptible to bribery or corruption of Russian intelligence agencies”,  says the American analyst.

“If the citizens of Montenegro want stability and security, and not insecurity and possible political chaos and weakening of the international position, there is only one credible choice”, says Bugajski.

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