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FM Dimitrov to inform leadership and political parties separately on name talks

Nikola Dimitrov; Photo: Tanjug / Tamas Kovacs / MTI via AP

SKOPJE – There will be no meeting with the state leadership regarding the process of the name talks. Foreign minister Nikola Dimitrov will inform representatives from the state leadership and political parties regarding the course of negotiations at separate meetings.

Last week, Dimitrov announced that after the name talks in Vienna, a meeting would be held between the state leadership and leaders of the major political parties.

VMRO-DPMNE informed the public that there would be no leadership meeting or any other meeting related to information regarding the course of the talks on the problem that Greece has with the constitutional name of the country.

“The spread of disinformation in public on such a topic is extremely frivolous and it aims to defocus the general public from the real issues at the expense of such meetings,” reads the statement by VMRO-DPMNE.

On Friday in Vienna, Dimitrov met with Greece’s Foreign Minister Nikos Kotzias and UN mediator Matthew Nimetz.

Macedonia and Greece have exchanged draft agreements that should be turned into one final agreement by UN mediator Nimetz, which is expected to be within resolutions 817 and 845, of the interim agreement between the two countries.

“The name dispute process is at a delicate stage, and speculation by certain media groups is harmful. I stand by my public statement and I inform the public that I have not made any additional informal statements”, Dimitrov wrote on Twitter, after the Greek Foreign Ministry denied that the Macedonian side agreed to make changes to its Constitution at the meeting in Vienna.

On January 27, at the MPs Clubhouse, a coordinative meeting between the state-political leadership was held regarding the name talks

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