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Half of Serbians support EU membership

Serbia and EU flags; Photo: European Council

BELGRADE – On a scale of one to five, Serbians rate the Serbia-EU relations at 2.78, and just under half of them – 49.5 pct – would vote in favour of their country’s EU accession in a referendum, a survey shows.

According to the survey – conducted in March by the Institute for European Affairs and Ninamedia on a sample of 1,201 people – most respondents identified Croatia as Serbia’s biggest enemy among EU nations and Germany as the country’s biggest friend within the bloc.

“Young citizens are still considerably more euro-sceptical then the older generations,” a statement said, adding that “62 pct of citizens believe that Serbia benefits from cooperation with the EU.”

“The youngest citizens believe that Serbia benefits from cooperation with the EU the most, but they support the concrete membership of our country in the EU the least.”

“The oldest citizens support Serbia’s EU membership, by two thirds, while the lowest support comes from the youngest citizens and it is just over half.”

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