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Rama, Bushati: EU the most visionary project, incomplete without Western Balkans

Edi Rama; Photo: Prime Minister's Office

TIRANA – Attending the event under the topic: “Albanian cultural heritage: a value in the European path”, at the Academy of Sciences, Prime Minister Edi Rama said on Wednesday that the Albanians have always lived with a dream, hope and ambition of Europe.

While the deep spiritual gap between the Albanians and Europe has been narrowing, it is more psychological than a matter of fact because Albania has received support from the EU for the opening of the negotiations that would permanently close that gap.

Further on, the prime minister appreciated that the EU is the most visionary and extraordinary project that the people have ever imagined.

Albanian Minister for Europen and Foreign Affairs Ditmir Bushati said that the exhibition opened today is evidence of our interrupted journey of Europeanization which we have found again.

“The photos cast a light on our foundations and efforts of state building. The exhibition is evidence of our links with the ancient Europe when our predecessors got transformed from witnesses into protagonists of the European history.”

On the “Day of Europe”, we can say that the European project is not complete while the Western Balkans still remains out of Europe, said the foreign minister.

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