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Belgrade-Pristina Dialogue

Western countries hold meeting on Belgrade-Pristina dialogue

Beograd - Pristina; Photo: EPA / Valdrin Xhemaj

BELGRADE – The US, the UK, France, Germany and Italy have held a meeting in Washington to discuss the Belgrade-Pristina dialogue, media reports say.

According to the reports, political directors of the five Western states met for consultations on the final stage of the Belgrade-Pristina dialogue, expected to take place in the next few months and produce a final agreement on normalisation between the two sides.

Until now, it has been believed the normalisation would not imply a recognition of Kosovo by Serbia, but merely a recognition of reality and allowing Kosovo to join the UN, which would enable Serbia to join the EU.

The reports say there is already a consensus among Western diplomats on what could be considered the guiding principles, one of them being that it is “better to have no agreement than to have a bad one.”

A bad agreement would be a division of Kosovo and something like a Republika Srpska in Kosovo, the reports said, quoting unnamed sources.

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