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Marković: Return of the opposition into the Parliament is a good thing

PODGORICA – According to the Prime Minister of Montenegro, Duško Marković, return of the one part of the opposition into the Parliament is a good news. He added that the Government is ready do discuss all the relevant questions with the opposition parties.

“Finally some good news from the political stage. I think Montenegro is entering into a very good phase, where every political subject has its parliamentary status”, said Marković.

The priority is European integration, which comprises every other reform in the country. The most natural environment to discuss it all is the Parliament.

“Therefore, there will be many opportunities, where we will discuss the future of our country with the opposition; The most important thing is that we realize that boycotting Parliament is irrational and undemocratic behavior which brings good to no one”, said Marković.

Marković announced the amendments of the Law on Judicial Council but he didn’t want to give any details since it will be on the agenda of the Government session tomorrow.

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