European Western Balkans

The EFB’s impact

Photo: European Fund for the Balkans

Over the last 10 years, the EFB has fostered the region’s Europeanization and closer cooperation. In an effort to influence the economic, social and democratic transformation of the Balkans, the BiEPAG has advocated political solutions to the challenges faced by the region. The Civil Society Forum has become the largest Balkan platform of think-tanks and policy-oriented civil society organizations that advocate policy recommendations stemming from the regionally harvested expertise.

The Think and Link Programme has strengthened the research and advocacy capacities of over 60 Balkan think-tanks to advance the citizens’ participation in the decision-making process.

What will the Balkans of tomorrow look like? That depends on the citizens’ capability to influence decision-makers to work in their interest. That is why the EFB will continue to encourage knowledge sharing, innovative ideas and joint regional actions to bring about lasting social and political change in the Western Balkans.

What would you do to make the #BalkanFuture better?

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