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Ivanov to Zaev: Publish the draft agreement for the name

Gjorge Ivanov; Photo: European Union

SKOPJE – In the absence of key documents, and in order to provide a wider consensus on the name issue, President Gjorge Ivanov is encouraging Prime Minister Zoran Zaev to hand over the proposal for negotiating with constitutional grounds, the draft agreement, as well as the positions of the delegation in the conduct of negotiations, announced Ivanov’s office.

“The position of President Ivanov, that he does not accept a solution to the name issue with overall use or ‘erga omnes’ is an unchangeable fundamental principle, which is in accordance with the established legal framework for conducting talks on the name dispute within the United Nations and in no case is his position aimed against Macedonia integration into the European Union and NATO. President Ivanov wants to point out the need for reaching a national consensus in overcoming the name dispute and finding a solution that will not violate the dignity of the Macedonian people and citizens”, read the statement.

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