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Priebe: All resources in Macedonia should be directed at the Rule of Law

Reinhard Priebe; Photo: Flickr / Security & Defence Agenda

OHRID – “I do not have a detailed insight into what has been happening over the past two years in terms of the two reports we drafted as an expert group, those of 2015 and last year. The EU Progress Report on Macedonia points to significant progress in certain areas, but there are also many areas with much yet to be done, to implement the necessary reforms in the EU integration process. It is obvious that the report focuses on the central issue and priority of the rule of law with all aspects that it implies”, said Reinhard Priebe, who is participating in the International Scientific Conference on Security System Reforms held in Ohrid.

Priebe, who led the EU’s five-member EU expert group responsible for systemic issues, said in a statement to the media that he is no longer an EU official, but personally hopes that Macedonia and the countries of the region will make a step forward in the EU integration process.

“In any case, the reforms we have pointed out and pointed out in the EU Reports should be made, not only for the progress of that EU integration process, but more for the countries themselves and the citizens,” said Priebe.

He refused to set aside an area where politics, the state, and institutions should direct their reform processes.

“It’s a series of recommendations. Rule of law is key to bringing the EU closer, all resources and strength in society should be directed and targeted towards that goal”, added Priebe.

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