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Osmani: More resistance to name change as agreement is getting closer

Macedonian Parliament; Photo: WikiCommons/Stefan Didam

BRUSSELS – Deputy Prime Minister of Macedonia Bujar Osmani said at a panel on Thursday, June 7, that the time ahead will be crucial when it comes to negotiations with Greece and the opening of Macedonia’s path to NATO and the EU, according to Euractiv.

“My belief is that when we will be getting closer and closer to an agreement, the resistance will increase. In what form this resistance will transform these days I cannot predict“, Osmani said, adding that the dispute over the name has a broader geopolitical angle due to external influences in the region.

As Euractiv reports, Russian Ambassador Vladimir Chizhov welcomed the possible solution to the name dispute with Greece, but at the same time stressed that there will be no such reaction when it comes to Macedonia’s accession to NATO.

“The enlargement of the EU is, I would say, a regional dimension of globalisation, whereas the enlargement of NATO is an attempt to address security risks and challenges of the 21st century with means and mechanisms of the mid-20th century“ said Ambassador Chizhov, reports Euractiv.

Eduard Kukan, MEP from the European People’s Party, when asked by Euractiv what he had told Greece’s main opposition New Democracy party about this issue, stressed that he has the same message as he had to the VMRO-DPMNE.

“They should look at these issues from a broader point of view, taking into account all the complexities, the situation and the consequences of a positive or negative result of this issue, both for Macedonia and Greece.”, said Kukan.

He also added referring to VMRO-DPMNE that they are telling them what is in their best interests and Macedonian interests.

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