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Albania’s EU Policy Hub calls upon EU states’ Parliaments to open negotiations

EU - Albania flags; Photo: Pixabay

TIRANA – EU Policy Hub has urged members of Dutch, French and German Parliaments to consider the European Commission’s recommendation to open EU accession negotiations with Albania. In the memos sent to three legislatures on 5 June, the organization emphasized the importance of confirming Albania’s future in the EU.

“Albanians, particularly the young generation, need to know that our country has a truly European perspective… We believe that there is a vital need to confirm the political will of the EU and its member states, and bring our country forward, strongly connected to Europe”, the memos state.

EU Policy Hub, a Forum of young professionals engaged in promoting, monitoring and influencing Albania’s EU integration process, expressed gratitude towards three vital European nations for their contribution to the progress of this Western Balkans country.

The memos also recognize that there is much more work to be done: “We are aware that our government’s reforms need to be boldly implemented, producing tangible results and establishing a solid track record.”

However, they claim that the failure of the EU to open the EU accession negotiations with Albania will disrupt the Europeanization process of the country and the crucial reforms underway.

“The opening of the EU accession negotiation remains the key for sustaining our hope in the European integration and for making our government more accountable to successfully and fully implemented EU reforms and standards”, the memos conclude.

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